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ProFlowers Review: Scam, Ripoff, Fraud, Complaint – EasySaver Rewards | Bevan
raves and rants
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ProFlowers Review: Scam, Ripoff, Fraud, Complaint – EasySaver Rewards

May 28th, 2009 Posted in Rants
Proflowers Wilts

Proflowers Wilts

I thought ProFlowers was a good company. The shipping was fast, the flowers looked pretty decent (not as good as their photos).

I was wrong. They have either partnered or are part of the company EasySaver Rewards. In purchasing flowers through ProFlowers they automatically (without telling you) sign you up for a membership account with Easy Saver Rewards. The only benefit is they get to automatically ding your credit card $14.95 a month.

I had no idea what this once-a-month charge was for when I noticed it this month. A quick search revealed blog after blog and forum after forum with complaints from furious consumers like myself who will never do business with ProFlowers again.

I’d suggest you do the same. As much as I think EasySaver is the skank of the earth, I think ProFlowers is worse.

If you’ve come across this same problem, please comment. Also, here’s some helpful information to get your money back and help close these businesses:

EasySaver Rewards
4501 Forbes Blvd
Lanham, MD 20706

Better Business Bureau of Maryland:
Note: Search for “EasySaver” on the BBB website


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    1. 55 Responses to “ProFlowers Review: Scam, Ripoff, Fraud, Complaint – EasySaver Rewards”

    2. By Sarah on Jun 15, 2009

      My husband is in the military and bought me flowers for my birthday from ProFlowers. Just noticed that we’ve received a charge from “EasySaver” the past two months. I called, tried to wait to speak with a rep and was disconnected. I thought that was unusual, so I called back and cancelled my account using the same cc # that the charge came under. I have a cancellation confrimation #…but, I would also like a full refund. Any suggestions? THANKS!!! This site has been useful!

    3. By Chrissie on Jun 24, 2009

      Thank you for this valuable information! I saw a $14.95 charge from easy savers on my card today, and a quick google search led me to your blog. I had purchased flowers through proflowers back in March, with no knowledge of the rewards program.

      Thankfully I did get someone on the phone at easysavers who terminated my account and said I will be refunded the $14.95 (I’ll wait and see!). She was extremely friendly and helpful, and I only had to wait to speak with a representative for 2-3 minutes. I specifically requested a refund; had I not mentioned it I doubt they would offer it. So Sarah, I suggest you call back and demand a refund!

      Thanks for posting this information, thus saving me lots of time trying to figure out what this charge was all about! I will spread the word to friends and family, letting them know ProFlowers does not deserve our business!

    4. By Patty on Jul 2, 2009

      I was also scammed by Pro-Flowers and their EasySaver Rewards. I noticed a charge of $1.95 and then $14.95 on my credit card statement and called the number listed to see who they were and why the charge. They told me the same thing that when I clicked on the link for 15% off on my next order that I was signing up for a membership rewards program. I told the woman that I did not sign up for a rewards program nor authorize the charge to my credit card. The only way that they could have gotten my credit card number was from Pro-Flowers. I complained to Pro-Flowers and received a response ” Let me take a moment to summarize the program enrollment. After you make a purchase on our site, we offer a $15 coupon good towards your next purchase. If you click on that coupon you will land on a registration page to join our EasySaver Rewards program. In order to enroll and receive the coupon, you must enter your email address and zip code as your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the program. The enrollment process and related partner program fees are stated within the Offer Details to the left of the “accept” button.” Obviously the details and fees are not clear or I would never have clicked on the link. This makes me furious.

      They went on in their response “We do not wish for any customer to be in the program who does not desire to be, and will help you to cancel your membership if you wish. If you have not already done so and would like to cancel this membership, feel free to call EasySaver Rewards directly at 1-800-355-1837 and simple instructions will be provided for you to cancel.” I also filed a dispute with my credit card issuer so we will see how that turns out.

    5. By Nélida Gómez on Jul 8, 2009

      I have the same situation with pro-flower and easy saver charges in my bank, I’m from Spain and I did a flower gift to my friend in California and now I have the same problem and is to hard explain at bank this is a fraud, I need my money back but I don’t know how can I call at 1-800 from Spain at easy saver to do a complaint and to claim my money back.
      Somebody can help me?
      Thank u!!!

    6. By Jeff Conrad on Jul 15, 2009

      I have overdrawn my account for the third time and looked for the reason. I found easy savers on my summary and I have not ordered from Proflowers. I ordered from “Sharis Berries” So be careful I am highly upset at these tactics they are using.

    7. By Sarah Harkins on Jul 27, 2009

      I placed an order with proflowers and was charged $1.95 from easy saver rewards on my credit card. not knowing what it was i called the company proflowers and they said i needed to call the other company to get a refund from them. i was never refunded for this amount and now a month later i am being charged again from them for $14.95. i just called again today to get my refund from them again. i am going to report this to credit card company after i write this complaint here to see how that goes. when comtacting easy saver they said i should have received a packet in the mail but i never did, they wanted to resend the packet and keep my money but i told them to cancel my account and refund the money to me. hope this works out in 2 weeks.

    8. By Nancy Walery on Jul 31, 2009

      Proflowers is NOT the only company that is scamming their customers. I ordered Shari’s Berries online for a client, the next thing I know I have a $1.95 charge on my credit card for that month!!! Had I not called to inquire about what the heck the charge was for, the next month I would have been charged the $14.95!!!
      I had the credit card company protest the charge, it is being reversed! Watch your credit card statement carefully!

    9. By Louis on Aug 17, 2009

      It happened to me too. I heard about Proflowers from Z100 and decided to buy my wife some flower’s for her birthday. The flowers were so-so and since February I have been charged by Easy Saver 14.95 a month. Disputing the charges and working on getting my money back. Watch your credit card statements….

    10. By Lora Gardner on Aug 28, 2009

      I to was scamed by proflowers. I use paypal for everything like this and noticed that this came out my bank. I went to paypal to to see when I bought something for 14.95.well, just so happens, I was looking for airline tickets and decided to look under easysaver rewards and they have some really good deals but now I am skeptical. Has anyone actually used easysaver rewards for anything? they have the best deals for airline tickets and gas cards and stuff like that. so if you can, get a paypal account and I am almost certain that you will be able to get every cent back because everything is covered to 2000.00 and it is free to sign up. I love it, but please let me know if anyone has gotten a raw deal from easy saver rewards. thank you

    11. By Jackie Johnson on Sep 2, 2009

      I have not been scammed by Easy Saver rewards because I actually looked to see what I was clicking before I accepted the discount. It is written on the pop-up block that, by clicking on the savings, I would be directed to a third-party promotion.
      I know it is easy not to read the fine print, as I fell victim to this before. Hopefully, we will all learn to really look at what we are accepting online. It is easy not to do so, but is crucial so we don’t lose out on money.
      It is also easy to blame the larger corporations, but ultimately our fault for not understanding or taking the time to see what is taking place before our eyes.
      Wishing you all get a return on your lost money. Sorry this has happened to so many of us.

    12. By Bill on Sep 6, 2009

      The same thing happened to me. I am very careful about such “free” offers and I can guarantee this was not an above-board offer. I don’t remember exactly what I did, but I think I canceled out after a screen or two. Shame on Proflowers, whose service I have otherwise found totally professional, for being associated with this scam. I will never use them again.

    13. By herman on Oct 9, 2009

      I discovered this because I couldn’t figure out what a $14.95 charge on my checking account came from so I searched “easy saver” and found this.

      Called 1 800 355 1837 and gave them my information, and nicely and politely ask that they cancel further billing and promised to refund for the past 18 months that I have been charged.

      A relatively painless, hasslefree call… now we’ll see if I get my money back totaling $270.00!!!

      I specifically said, “Hi…I never signed up for this service through Proflowers, I would like to stop further charges and talk about a refund.” Her immediate answer was, “Is this through a debit card or credit card?” Then since it ws through debit, she offered a 12 mo refund through the bank card and the additional 6 mo through a check mailed to me.


    14. By Arleen on Oct 13, 2009

      I placed an order with proflowers and was charged $1.95 from easy saver rewards on my credit card. Not knowing they will charge $14.95 after that. I will email easy saver for a refund from them. If I don’t get refund from them I will complaint to the bbb. I will cancel my account and they better refund the money to me. The hole amount of $106.60

    15. By Funmi Atilade on Oct 29, 2009

      Thanks for the information.I just called them from my home country(Nigeria) and told them i didnt auhtorise the 3 dedductions ithey made after my online purchases while in the USA recently.
      The lady was very polite and said she had cancelled it on the spot and would refund the money asap.
      Thank you all!!

    16. By Jenny on Nov 16, 2009

      I also got scammed with easy saver rewards!!

    17. By Valerie Belew on Nov 18, 2009

      Yes, I had the same experience. I do not even know how many times %14.95 has been deducted from my checking account, as I purchased Pro Flowers once for my sister, and once for my boss two years ago, using my debit card. Finances are so limited for me right now that I cannot spare any withdrawal from my checking account that I do not plan at the time, so I became aware of the deduction and called my bank. They gave me to name Easy Saver, and an 800 number. When nobody answered the 800 number, I went to the web to attempt to locate Easy Saver there; however, I found forum after forum of this type instead. I made a copy of one of the postings such as this one, and attached it to my letter of dispute to my bank; however, I will only get reimbursed for two months since I used a debit card instead of a credit card. I feel that a class action suit needs to be filed against this organization since it is obvious it has stolen from millions. Even though only the attorney involved would reap any financial benefits from such a law suit, it might put Pro Flowers and Easy Saver out of business. Every additional posting makes this scam more obvious. I don’t care what the tiny print said, if there was any tiny print. Print that is not meant to be seen, is a scam and a criminal act. If it isn’t criminal, it should be, so keep posting to bring such scams to the attention of the authorities and hopefully eventually outlawed.

    18. By Deb on Nov 23, 2009

      I am victim of EasySaver Rewards scam using the ProFlowers website. While I agree we all should have carefully read the fine print before clicking the coupon button, I KNOW I did not share my credit information with the EasySaver folks. ProFlowers certainly had a right to privacy responsibility to me and it is very disturbing that they shared this privileged info with an organization without my permission.

    19. By Peter on Nov 24, 2009

      I too have been scammed but my credit card has been billed $14.95 per month for the last 5 months after the initial $1.95 charge. I too ordered from Proflowers. I wouldn’t have discovered the scam had I not looked carefully at my current credit card invoice. How can they stay in business and continue to rip off so many people? I alerted my credit card company and they are credited me for 5 months of charges.

    20. By michael on Nov 25, 2009

      I had problems like most people on here being charged fees that were not authorized by Easy Saver, Done a lot of homework on this. First of all cancel your credit card and get another, it has been compromised. Also this will stop the revolving charges. Call Pro Flowers at 1-800-355-1837. They now have an optioion #2 that will direct you to an Easy Saver Rep, acually it is another front for Proflowers. When you start to complain they will try to tell you that when you ordered the flowers you signed up for Easy Saver. That is not the case ,when you clicked for their discount, you are automatically enrolled. Do not let them B.S. you. Be calm and forceful to have you removed from their accounts. Be sure and get their cancellation number they give you.You can go back to your bank and fill a claim for the unauthorized charges that Easy Saver has charged you. The bank then will file a complaint if they are any good. My last recommendations for you is to file a complaint to your local BBB. File a written complanit to Proflowers and request reimbursement for those charges. Lastly tell God and everyone NOT to use Proflowers.

      good luck

    21. By edina on Dec 11, 2009

      Hi all,

      Your posts were very helpful when I noticed the same $14.95 charge on my account yesterday. My guess is that I “signed up” for easy saver services when I purchased berries from ProFlowers two months ago. I called Wachovia to dispute the charges and they informed me that I have to call easy saver at 1-800-355-1875 and request a refund and cancellation of my account with them.
      I was a pretty hassle free call — I was promised my $14.95 back and they gave me a cancellation confirmation #. Now all I need to do is make sure they follow through with their promise.
      Definitely NOT using ProFlowers ever again!

    22. By Carrie on Dec 18, 2009

      I just called them as well and am (unfortunately) glad there are others in the same boat as me. Hassle free to reverse the charges which makes me think they have so many people complaining, they know it’s best to simply comply. I will NEVER use proflowers again, and will be sure to use every possible opportunity to tell others the same thing. Shouldn’t a quality product be all a company needs to make money? Not sneaky fees that mislead their supposed “valued” customer. Happy Holidays all!

    23. By Kathy Kinsella on Dec 29, 2009

      I just calle the number listed by Edina and they told me that my acct. had been credited for $14,95 o Dec.28. We shall see. I will never use pro flowers again.

      Kathy Kinsella

    24. By Lisa on Jan 4, 2010

      I too, ordered from ProFlowers on 12/18 and clicked on future discount. I just discovered 10 minutes ago that I was charged the $1.95 on my credit card.

      I was informed by my credit card company that it happens quite often when you order from ProFlowers. They advised me on how to cancel and hopefully it will work. I will do so asap tomorrow when they opened as I am subject to eastern standard time.

      I wanted to share with all that I, too, will never use ProFlowers again.

    25. By Laura on Jan 7, 2010

      I just now realized ive been scammed also! I seen this Easy Saver before and just thought it was a pruchase I forgot about and didnt look into it then it began to repeat and i just googled Easy Saver and see all these complaints of other people scammed! I never even purchased flowers from this proflowers, never even heard of it. Ugh im so mad. Easy Saver are scam artists!

    26. By Eric on Jan 31, 2010

      Add me to the list of those who’ve been shafted by ProFlowers and Easy Saver. Fortunately, I caught it when they first hit my account with a $1.95 charge. When I tried to get a reversal of the charge by e-mail correspondence they claimed it could only be done over the phone! WTH! I’ll just go through the disputed charge thing with my bank and hopefully that will be the end of it. I will tell anyone and everyone I can that buying from ProFlowers is a major mistake.

    27. By Amanda_Ross114 on Feb 4, 2010

      I have been at the bank for hours today pulling up statements. Easy saver & EMI Money Edge work together. I think they found us at policeauctions.com. They have our bankaccount # & I had to close my whole account because they both were charging $19.80 monthly & twice as the months kept going. We hadn’t noticed & now they are saying that at checkout from policeauctions.com we agreed to recieve a free$25 gas card & free $25 Walmart card, & that after 30 days we would have a montly charge. Thats what the woman on the phone said happened, that we agreed. But that NEVER HAPPENED! So for everyone out there Its a TOTAL SCAM & I better get my money back!

    28. By Layla Cook on Jul 2, 2010

      there are so many scams running on the internete so watch out*::

    29. By Rachel on Sep 3, 2010

      Yes these people are ridiculous, and it’s like pulling teeth to get back your money. I believe they are so used to it now they say they have a “limit” of how many months they are allowed to refund you (in other words pay close attention to your statements!) I was transferred twice and then only got back half of my money, but I was told I had to be called back by another superior to get back more money…like I have time to talk to them all day! How are they not shut down yet?

    30. By Rose on Sep 3, 2010




    31. By Samantha Thomas on Sep 27, 2010

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      there are always scam everywhere so we should always be very careful when dealing with others;**

    35. By Trike Motorcycles on Dec 22, 2010

      i hate scams wheter it is offline scam or online scams, there are lots of it these days ~”`

    36. By Trey NYC on Feb 11, 2011

      Proflowers is a creepy company…But didn’t anybody notice that the flowers they deliver are NOT IN BLOOM! Consider the absurdity of this situation: You order flowers for a woman and she receives GREEN STALKS!! Who cares if they bloom in a few days? The point is that the special day is NOT celebrated by colorful flowers…How embarrassing for the sender…Why not just send SEEDS?

    37. By mary on Feb 17, 2011

      I just recieved some green stalks and 2-3 pink rose flowers in a potted flower group which is supposed to be full of roses! And now my silver jubilee of wedding is spoiled

    38. By Dan on Apr 6, 2011

      I ordered flowers from 1-800-ProFlowers via web contact (Glenn Beck endorsed). I provided my e-mail and credit card information to purchase only flowers for Mommy-O on Mother’s Day. With just a few clicks I was now unknowingly enrolled in the EZ Saver program for $15.00 per month with recurring monthly billing. The endless e-mails from Pro-Flowers was bad enough but then months later I realized that I was enrolled in the EZ-Saver program through Pro-Flowers. Imagine that!!! $15.00 off delivery and you get crooked into a BS deal to boot. I finally called the Hajji operator to de-register and the BBB, now here we are.

      Dear Dan,
      Thank you for contacting ProFlowers. Please accept my most sincere apologies. I understand that you enrolled in our Easy-Saver Rewards partner program and that enrollment in this program was not your intention. I have called Easy-Saver Rewards on your behalf in order to cancel your membership and obtain a refund. When I called I found that your membership has already been cancelled and the refund of (1 months x $14.95 a month) has already been applied. I then had them refund the additional charges of (XYZ) and $1.95, the full amount of fees charged to you for this program. In most cases you will see the refund appear on your billing statement in just a few days, however please allow 1-2 billing cycles for the refunds to process, depending on the terms of your specific card issuer. We have a partnership with EasySaver Rewards where we provide customers an opportunity to click on and enroll in their service from our ? order confirmation page? after placing an order with us. I?d like to apologize for any confusion you may have had over the enrollment process with this partner offer. (XYZ) credits will refund back to your credit card and the remaining will be issued by a check sent to the address you provided. If we can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.
      Best Regards, CS Sherry V (specialmembership@customercare.proflowers.com) Customer Care
      Called and cancelled, notified CC Company of scam, notified BBB, demanded refund. Here we are.

    39. By Jenni on Apr 20, 2011

      In order for this charge to happen you HAVE to click where it says ”this purchase qualifies you for a free shipping rebate” and read the fine print and then click OK. I have ordered flowers from ProFlowers about 6 times and I did notice the ‘scam’ when you want free shipping but never clicked it. I have never been charged by the other company and have used the same CC# when ordering every single time. IF you don’t know how to buy things online and don’t read fine print you did it to yourself

    40. By Bevan on Apr 20, 2011


      Thanks for the comment, but Proflowers has changed the process since originally posted this two years ago. I’m quite aware of options to check boxes, leave them checked, not check them, etc. They simply didn’t have it that easy back then.

      Companies that want to do business by including extra charges in their fine print will continue to get my wrath and lose business.

    41. By Andy on Dec 29, 2011

      Same deal. I am usually careful. I cancelled with AMX and went back for two years worth of charges. (Some were 2 in one month.) I will sue if need be.

    42. By Randy on Feb 12, 2012

      I feel like I got off easy. I ordered one of their specials at $19.99 and after checkout, with the tax, shipping, and special handing fees, it ended up at $42.00. The $19.99 ened up at 29.99 when itemized on the bill. I emailed them to complain about the difference and they said that I received a 20% discount offer in my order. What about the $10.00 discrepancy in the price shown on the web. I blocked their email address. I’ll buy locally from now on.

    43. By Alan on Feb 15, 2012

      Proflowers.com — 80 dollar order for multicolored Gerber Daisies – including 15 for delivery plus 9.99 for Valentine’s Day delivery. Order arrived the day after Valentine’s Day and the flowers were all white and crappy looking. Will not order from them again.

    44. By Bans on Apr 22, 2012

      Same thing happen to me, last week I just find out that Easy Saver charged $14.95/month from my account since August 2009, without me knowing that their service exist. Spoke to one of their supervisor and would just refund only 18 months of my money. Crooks and scams are all around us even though times are tough. I hope the Gov’t would do something about this. Already reported it to BBB and will be waiting for their response.

    45. By Denis on Jul 17, 2013

      July 2013. Well, this scam is still going on. Your posts are clear back to 2009 and no one has stopped this yet! Just received a charge this morning from 07/17/2013 Pending EZSVER RW ID054990135.

    46. By Toni on Feb 15, 2014

      My husband ordered me some chocolate covered strawberries from 1800 PROFLOWERS and they were supposed to be delivered to my job for Valentines Day. I never received them even though he got an email confirming their delivery. We tried to contact the company but got a message they were busy and hung up on. Our next call will be to the credit card company to cancel their payment. We will NEVER do business with them again! Thanks for ruining Valentines Day!

    47. By R on Mar 7, 2014

      I am totally amazed this is STILL going on! I want to throw up that they can get away with this. I’ve contacted the CT Attorney General.

      My story:

      I was unknowingly enrolled in their “Easy Saver Rewards” program when I purchased flowers from proflowers.com. They have been making unauthorized charges of $14.95 to my AMEX since 3/11/2009!! I noticed the charge last week and thought it was part of my AOL account charges, but then realized it was not. I initially tried to call the 800# they provided on my statement but it was conveniently an incomplete number (EASY SAVER USA or EASY SAVER (877) 844US). I Google’d EASY SAVER SCAM and found hundreds and hundreds of complaints from consumers just like me.

      I finally got a hold of a correct number and contacted them and “cancelled” my subscription. I never authorized this nor did I ever join their program knowingly. The customer service agent did cancel for me. I called Amex and they have a dispute on this.

      I called back EASY SAVER the next day seeing that some people are given refunds, so I thought I would try. I haggled back and forth with a supervisor. They charged me a total of $14.95 x 12 months x 4 years 9 months = $882.05!! They first offered a refund check of $29.90, then after 4 offers they finally went up to $358.80, not even half of the amount I paid all of these years. The supervisor said that this was his last offer and he would need to transfer me to his supervisor for any further refunds. He said he would issue a credit for $179.40 and issue a check for $179.40. I asked him that if I received the $358.80 would I be exempt from future refunds, he said no. I wanted to make sure I spoke with the higher supervisor to get a full refund.

      The supervisor kept saying that they would have cancelled it had I called them sooner and I in-turn explained I would have called sooner if they provided a correct number on my statement for me to call them! They also implied that I used their “rewards service” and now I am looking for a refund. If I knew I had a service I would have used it! I KNOWINGLY have Weight Watchers and Gym membership’s re-occurring on my credit card and don’t use them, that’s MY CHOICE. I authorized those. I DID NOT KNOWINGLY authorize EASY SAVER to charge $14.95 on my AMEX for almost 5 years!!!

      ProFlowers & Easy Saver should be punished for what they are doing to consumers.
      Please make sure this doesn’t happen again.

    48. By Betz on Apr 11, 2014

      @R, I’m the exactly the same… Didn’t notice for this amount of charge for last 4yrs and 7mon,

      Spoke to supervisor 2times very firmly and now I’m expecting my 4yrs full refund back. If I receive it, I’ll update my status. If not, I’ll work on this matter seriously with my local bank and Amex. To be continue

    49. By play game free on Jun 27, 2014

      Hi! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers?
      I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on. Any tips?

    50. By Jeff on Dec 3, 2014

      I wanted to have ProFlowers send something to my wife who was in the hospital over Thanksgiving. When it didn’t show up on the desired date, I checked my email to find that they couldn’t make the delivery date and wanted to know if I wanted to change it. Being it the Thanksgiving, I called the special number and spoke to a “Customer Service Rep.” After they took the replacement order the made the promise (and they should never do this) that it would be there the next morning at the hospital. I was hoping for the best. The next day came and went, so I called the hospital front desk to see if the flowers were delivered and there was nothing there. I then checked my order online and found that NO ONE had picked up the ProFlowers Order for delivery. I immediately called and cancelled the order. Then on top of it all, they claim that they would only credit me a partial refund for a waiting period. So I called again and got the runaround. Eventually, I did get the full refund, but I will NEVER, and I mean NEVER use ProFlowers again.

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